122nd Annual Convention Update

Texas Farmers Union met January 26th & 27th at the historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX. The title of the convention was Fairness for Farmers. The convention was dedicated in memory of old-time member Dale Laminack of Ralls, Texas for his years of selfless service to TFU. Wife Gayla was presented with roses & a clock plaque to commemorate the occasion.

On Thursday the TFU policy committee made-up of farmers, stockman, and dairy men from across the state. TFU policy was updated and special orders pre elected. Special orders of business entitled Farm Bill, No to Animal ID, Right to Repair, Border Security, Program Discriminatory Practices within USDA & FSA, Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid, Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL), Texas Education, Supply Chains, Texas Infrastructure. Policy from TFU will be sent to national for consideration. TFU policy from 2024 was voted on and approved by members on Saturday afternoon. Convention was called to order by President Mike Oldham at 1:30 on Friday. Flags were presented by James Madison FFA of San Antonio. Invocation by Alton Cook. Vice president, David Schertz of Krum, Texas welcomed attendees and board. Delegates to NFU Convention in Scottsdale, AZ will be Burt Pruett of Slidell TX, Alton Cook of O’Donnell TX, David Schertz of Krum TX were elected from the floor to attend along with Pam & Mike Oldham, President.

Billy Miller of McGregor introduced Keynote Speaker on Friday afternoon, Zach Ducheneaux FSA Administrator from Washington office of USDA. Attendees were updated on the workings of FSA, along with programs available both for FSA and in our NRCS. We were told the FSA is having to administer programs while being short 7000 employees. Zach spoke for about 45 minutes and then allowed for as many questions as attendees had. The convention recessed at 5:00 on Friday afternoon. Dinner was held at Café Ole’ on the Riverwalk; provided by TFU Marketing, TFU Charitable and Mike Oldham Insurance. Throughout the day attendees were reminded about annual quilt raffle (custom quilt made for convention), And silent auction.

Saturday morning attendees enjoyed breakfast in Colonial restaurant at the hotel. State Board of Directors called to order at 8:30 by President Oldham. Roll Call and Minutes, Financial Report and Budget Review was given by President. Members heard bank operating data along with performance from investments in Lubbock apartments. The group was also told the Temple project should be fully open this summer. Membership work and website paying off with the addition of over 100 new members in the last 60 days. The board informed that the charitable side was doing well with no changes. Med Sup report presented by Kristie Bartee. Group was told we've started receiving commissions after passing of longtime president Wes Sims.

All memberships from TFU will be entered in the new software after convention, first update in many years. New software will keep track of and automatically bill members, plus new members can sign up online with a credit card. Meeting adjourned with next meeting to be called by chair in spring 2024. District Caucus met with elections in District 2,4,6, & 8 for delegates.

On Saturday afternoon AJ Priesmeyer introduced Guest Speaker Aaron Shier, NFU Government Relations Director. Aaron updated the group on the latest activities in DC Farm Bill, Budget and Right to Repair information. Hayley Wood was introduced by Margaret Amonett. Hayley is Food Safety Project Coordinator for NFU. She provided information on her duties, as well as question and answers from any attendees.

TFU policy was adopted by unanimous vote of the membership attending. All policy items changes were read individually before adoption.

Dinner banquet began at 7:00 PM, invocation by James Schuman, entertainment for the evening provided by Mackenzie Patton Music, songwriter, and performer. Banquet Speaker Jeff Kippley NFU Vice President, Farmer, Stockman, and business owner from South Dakota. Elections results announced by Burt Pruitt for 2,4,6,8 Districts. New Director Wayne Laminack District 2 seated. James Schuman District 4, Bert Pruett District 6, Alton Cook District 8 seated. Closing of the evening, Quilt winner Melvin Lowrey, Silent Auction winners announced.

See you next year,

Mike Oldham, President

Texas Farmers Union

122nd Annual Convention


January 26-27,



The Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX.



Starts Friday at 1:30 p.m.

through Saturday night Banquet.


The convention will be dedicated in memory of the life of Mr. Dale Laminack

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: National FSA Administrator Zach Ducheneaux (Friday)
Administrator for USDA, Farm Service Agency, Washington, D.C. Zach Ducheneaux was appointed Administrator for USDA’s Farm Service Agency on February 22, 2021. In this role Ducheneaux will provide leadership and direction on agricultural policy, administering loan programs, and managing conservation, commodity, disaster, and farm marketing programs through a national network of offices. Ducheneaux previously served as the Executive Director of the Intertribal Agriculture Council and had been with the IAC since the 1990s. He has also previously served as tribal council representative for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. He has spent his career educating people about the critical role of improved food systems, value-added agriculture, and foreign exports to respond to the enduring economic and social challenges facing Native Americans and reservations. Ducheneaux serves on the board of directors for Project H3LP!, a nonprofit founded by his family to benefit their local community by providing life lessons through horsemanship. His family still operates the 4th generation ranch on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.

January 26th (Friday) Open Session @ 1:30pm

January 27th (Saturday) General Session @ 2:30pm

Guest speaker on Saturday Night
NFU Vice President Jeff Kippley

Banquet begins
Saturday at 7pm

January 25th @ 1:00 p.m. Policy Board Meeting (Policy members only)

All Board Meeting will be held in the A.M. of Friday and Saturday

Texas Farmers Union will be adopting policies for 2024.
Selecting delegates to NFU convention in Scottsdale, AZ to work on our policy for national.

Getting Together Again

Looking forward to getting together with old friends and welcoming new ones.

If you want to attend or need more details, please contact TFU office @ 512.321.3955 or tfunion@aol.com.