2023 National Farmers Union Fall Fly-In Update

The National Farmers Union held its Annual Fall Fly-In September 11-13th in Washington, D.C. Farmers, Rancher, and Community leaders from across America participated. We started off with an 8 a.m. meeting in Jefferson Auditorium of USDA headquarters complex.

We had a few minutes of silence remembering 9/11.

Time was spent from 8-12 a.m. hearing from USDA Officials to include Secretary Tom Vilsack, Department Secretary. Program Administrator Zeke Deavaurx, and National Farmers Union President Rob Larew. During our time with USDA, we were allowed time for questions and answer sessions.

Starting at 1:15 p.m. Farmer gathered for Capital Hill Briefing at the Russell Senate Building, where we heard from staff of both House and Senate Ag Committees from both parties. Where we were told a budget deal had to be reached before the Farm Bill would be finished.

That evening we enjoyed a roof top reception gathering in the Spirit of Cooperation. Where we finalized plans to begin Capital Hill visits on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Farmers & Community leaders from across the farm belt visited with our Representatives on Tuesday & Wednesday to discuss our priorities for this Farm Bill. We don’t want to have snap funds decreased to increase loan rates. Keep and improve crop insurance, make it more affordable with a permanent disaster program, Dairy Revitalization plan along with Right to Repair, Child Care in rural America, Farmers First Act, better staffing at USDA. For a complete list look on the NFU website https://nfu.org/ .

We did take time on Wednesday morning for a trip to the White House where administration officials told us what the current priorities at the White House for the Farm Bill. We were told again budget is a big concern to come from congress.

Everyone flew out on Thursday returning safely home.

Winter Board Meeting

December 8, 2023

Meeting Start @ 8:30am

MCM Elegante' Suites Lubbock, TX

*Executive Board of Directors

*Charitable Board of Directors

*Marketing Board of Directors

Farmers Union Members & Interested Parties

As I speak to different farmers, ranchers, and Ag businesses across our state, looks like we are well on our way to another year of drought conditions, hope for normal crop production is fading fast.

Crops across the state all needed rainfall last week. Pastures for cattle are becoming critical! Many livestock producers are already culling herds and looking for hay. Hay is in short supply and quality is down. Much of what’s available is either corn or milo stalks which must be supplemented with protein. Much talk in the countryside about a feed program of some sort, as cattle numbers are already at record lows. Our dairymen continued to be plagued with low milk prices.

Texas Farmers Union is aware of these issues along with – it being time to get serious about what’s needed in the 2023 Farm Bill.


• Adequate safety net with loan rates set at cost of production.

• Good crop insurance program with premiums not so high producers can’t afford them.

• Dairy Revitalization Program; Fairness for Farmers.

• Conservation Program.

• Permanent disaster program.

We will be attending the National Farmers Union Annual Fly-In to Washington D.C. September 10-13, 2023. Meetings with USDA and two days of telling our elected Representatives about life in rural communities and our thoughts on what’s needed for a good 2023 Farm Bill. We also will be talking about some type of feed program needed for the cattle across the state.

Anyone interested in Fly-In call the TFU state office.

This is our time to have an input in the 2023 Farm Bill and any other issues that need to be addressed!

Mike Oldham, TFU President

NFU Summer Board Meeting & State-to-State Forum

June 13-16, 2023

  • President Mike Oldham attended the NFU Summer Board Meeting in Minneapolis, MN this June 13-15. At this time, they discussed matters regarding Fairness for Farmers, Rights to Repair, upcoming Farm Bill, and Legislative Fly-In that will be held September 10-13, 2023.

    Anyone that is interested in attending the NFU Legislative Fly-In contact the TFU office by August 10, 2023

    Email: tfunion@aol.com

    Office: 512.321.3955

    Texas Farmers Union’s office administrator Kristie Bartee attended the National Farmers Union State-to-State Forum June 15-16, 2023 where staff from across the country gathered in Minnesota for a two-day extravaganza of networking, speakers, farm tours, and workshops!

    Speakers attended:

      Zephyr Teachout: Attorney, bestselling author, former political candidate, Fordham University associate law professor, and prominent antitrust advocate

      Al Franken: Former senator (and SNL alum, writer, comedian)

Unprecedented Rainfall in O'Donnell

The Beginning of June, O’Donnell, TX experienced torrential rainfall rates continued for nearly two hours, from around 9:30 am to 11:30 am, before finally diminishing, then ending completely by early afternoon. Before all was said and done, the O'Donnell WTM measured an incredible 7.02", much of which fell in the 2-hour window mid-late morning.